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Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?

A sickness or injury can happen without warning, requiring expensive medical procedures and treatment. Whether or not you have health insurance, medical bills can quickly add up. But what are your options when medical debt becomes unmanageable? Can you file bankruptcy on medical bills? It’s no surprise that medical bill debt is one of the most common […]

Car Repossession and Your Rights

My Car Was Repossessed: What Are My Rights? If you missed payments on your car and the lender is trying take back your vehicle, it’s important to understand what the repossession agent can and cannot do. As frustrating and embarrassing as the situation may be, you do have rights under state law. And an experienced […]

Can You File Bankruptcy on a Judgment?

Bankruptcy offers many advantages — it can wipe away crushing debt, stop creditors from taking collection actions against you, and give you time to gain control of your finances. But what if a lien has been filed against you? Can you file bankruptcy on a judgment? In this article, we explore what happens to judgments in bankruptcy. To learn […]

What Happens After Filing Chapter 7?

Once you have reviewed and signed your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, all that remains is filing the documents with the bankruptcy court. But what should you expect next, now that you have filed? Below, we explain what happens after filing Chapter 7 and how a Charlotte NC bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate the process. To learn […]

How Often Can You File for Bankruptcy?

While you can file for bankruptcy as many times as you wish, receiving a discharge is another matter. So the question isn’t so much “how often can you file for bankruptcy?” but “how often can you file for bankruptcy and actually have your debts discharged?” How often you can receive another bankruptcy discharge depends on […]

Should I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy gets a bad rap. For many, it smacks of failure. Or it may conjure up images of celebrities and athletes who’ve squandered their riches and suffered disgrace in the public eye. But is bankruptcy only an option for the truly desperate, or for people with no other options? If you are struggling under crushing debt, bankruptcy […]

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