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Getting Both Social Security and VA Veterans Disability Benefits

Injured military veterans often qualify for both veterans disability and social security benefits. However, the process behind both benefits are different, and what injury qualifies for one benefit may not necessarily qualify for the other. Below are some frequently asked questions by vets considering Social Security disability benefits. What’s the Difference Between Veterans Disability and Social Security Benefits? The […]

Converting Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you solve a lot of your problems, keeping up with the plan isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you’ve suffered a job loss, serious injury or illness, or any other income-lowering issue. If you can no longer afford keeping up with your Chapter 13 plan, you may […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? Yes, it can. If you’re behind on your expenses, are rapidly incurring major debts, and are behind in your mortgage payments, you’re probably going over your options for credit relief. Many folks are afraid that they are going to lose their home if they file for bankruptcy. Some of those folks […]

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