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What is Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

An emergency bankruptcy filing is just what it sounds like. You need to file for bankruptcy and you need to do it in a hurry before some catastrophic event takes place. This could include an eviction, a foreclosure, the repossession of a vehicle, or you’re now facing threats of a lawsuit. Once you file the […]

What are Chapter 13 Debt Limits?

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is a limit to how much money you can earn. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is only available to individuals and married couples, places a cap on how much you owe. This amount is adjusted every few years. The most recent adjustment was April of 2019. Below, we’ll discuss debt limits, […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? Yes, it can. If you’re behind on your expenses, are rapidly incurring major debts, and are behind in your mortgage payments, you’re probably going over your options for credit relief. Many folks are afraid that they are going to lose their home if they file for bankruptcy. Some of those folks […]

When to File Bankruptcy Chapter 7

So many folks, even those who realize bankruptcy is an option, wait to pull the trigger on filing. They then find themselves in the difficult position of having liens on their property, wage garnishments, or waking up one day to find their bank account frozen. These are folks that didn’t know when to file bankruptcy […]

Filing Bankruptcy on Credit Cards

Most people considering bankruptcy have racked up a considerable amount of credit card debt — you may have used your credit to pay for necessities or medical bills, and now you find yourself falling behind in your payments. What are your options? Is filing bankruptcy on credit cards a good idea? Is Credit Card Debt […]

How Does Chapter 13 Work?

If most of your debt is tied up in loans secured by property, Chapter 13 provides the best means toward keeping that property. While Chapter 13 does allow you to discharge some debt, you will end up paying back at least some of your unsecured debt, like medical bills or credit cards. But how does […]

Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?

A sickness or injury can happen without warning, requiring expensive medical procedures and treatment. Whether or not you have health insurance, medical bills can quickly add up. But what are your options when medical debt becomes unmanageable? Can you file bankruptcy on medical bills? It’s no surprise that medical bill debt is one of the most common […]

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