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If you are facing foreclosure proceedings, or believe that a foreclosure may be an imminent part of your future, our legal team of Foreclosure Defense Attorney at the Law Office of Jack G. Lezman, PLLC wants you to know that you are certainly not alone. In fact, millions of Americans throughout the nation have been left to endure the repercussions of a harsh and unforgiving economic climate. In Mecklenburg County alone, more than 5,200 foreclosures were filed in 2012. For local residents who face these uncertainties on a daily bases, help is nearby. By working with an experienced Charlotte bankruptcy attorney from our firm, you can equip yourself with the assistance you need to stop foreclosure and protect your home.

Having helped thousands of clients navigate through a variety of legal remedies and debt relief actions that allowed them to preserve their assets, our firm is prepared to execute a number of foreclosure defense strategies. As each case is unique, we first fully evaluate your current financial situation, determine all of your available options, and choose the most appropriate actions that best meet your needs and goals. If your goals revolve around keeping your home, then our firm is prepared to help you complete either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with this objective in mind. We can also provide advice and assistance regarding alternatives to bankruptcy as well.

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At the Law Office of Jack G. Lezman, PLLC, we understand how difficult these experiences can be. We have worked closely with local residents throughout the years and we know that foreclosure proceedings and financial uncertainty are often the result of significant setbacks and unforeseen circumstances. This is why our legal team remains compassionate when working with the individuals and families we represent and why we work tirelessly to deliver the personal attention and results they deserve.

All of our team’s collective efforts are geared toward achieving your unique needs and objectives. If your goals include keeping your home, then you can be confident that we possess the skills and extensive foreclosure defense experience needed to protect your house. While foreclosure defense is not an overnight process and may not be an option for everyone, we work to resolve your struggles and deliver debt relief in any way we can.

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